Organizers and Chairs

MUNBP 2021 is organized by a group of 10 students from 1st of Batxillerat, with help from teachers and older students. The team is led by Secretary-General Joaquín de la Calzada and Vice-Secretary-General Marc Cascant.

Each committee is lead by two Chairs, who organize and direct the debate. This year, these are your Chairs:

SC: Marc Cascant & Álex Salvat

DISEC: Joaquín de la Calzada & Héctor Cienfuegos

WHO: Queralt Felip & Berta Solé

UNFCCC: Claudia Gris & Blanca Vicente

UNHCR: Pablo Fernández & Leilani Heuchenne

OHCHR: Tomás Roca & Marc Vallet

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