Organizers and Chairs

MUNBP 2023 is organized by a group of 11 students from 1st of Batxillerat, with help from teachers and older students. The team is led by: Secretary-General Ainara Gómez, Vice-Secretary-General Honor Phillips, President of the General Assembly Nacho Chaves and coordinated by Alex Martínez.

Each committee is lead by two Chairs, who organize and direct the debate. This year, these are your Chairs:

SC: Ainara Gómez, Clàudia Cervera & Paula Mas

DISEC: Bruno Martínez & Marc Palmer

COPUOS: Honor Phillips & Joan Pareja

OHCHR: Nora Cerdà & Carlota Puig

WHO: Nacho Chaves & Júlia Luciano