Committees and topics

There will be five committees in MUNBP 2024:

SC - Security Council

Topic 1: Measures to control and reduce the influence of criminal organisations.

Topic 2: Measures to deescalate the ongoing tensions in the Middle East.

DISEC - Disarmament and International Security

Topic 1: Measures to combat the excessive use of cluster munition.

Topic 2: Measures to prevent international civilian gun violence.

HRC - Human Rights Council

Topic 1: Measures to guarantee freedom of religion, with special regards to education. 

Topic 2: Measures to ensure freedom of speech, with special regard to journalism.


ECOSOC - Economic and Social Council

Topic 1: Measures to organise a sustainable tourism policy.

Topic 2: Developing strategies to reduce income inequality within and among countries.

WHO - World Health Organization

Topic 1: Measures to improve the pharmaceutical industry.

Topic 2: Acess to abortion.