What is MUNBP?

Back in 2013 a group of ten pioneer high school students at BetàniaPatmos organised the first edition of MUNBP, the Model United Nations of BetàniaPatmos, for the younger students in Year 11 (4th of ESO). Ten years and ten editions later, after travelling Europe and taking part in different MUNs (MUNOG, BIMUN) we are very proud to host our eleventh Model United Nations conference! In this edition of MUNBP we hope to reflect the diversity and unity of our planet and how, through diplomacy and internationalism, we can solve problems.

During two days in February, all students of 4ESO will take their role as Delegates from nations around the world. You will have to argue the position of your country and try and reach agreements with allies and adversaries. Delegates will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of international politics and diplomacy, meet other delegates from around the world, understand and represent different points of view, practice English, and enjoy a unique experience.

On this page you will find information about the schedule of the conference, our committees, topics, countries, and organising team.

We hope it helps with your preparation!

What is MUNBP? Here's a video which might help you understand what we do:

Video made by AEClab.